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LED watch Special for children who learn to tell the time! Watch for school or everyday life.

Available in several styles and colors!

Perfect gift for children or teenagers. Suitable for all circumstances (Christmas gift idea, birthday party, casual, daily life etc...)

Non-Waterproof Watch Style!!!

Not suitable for children under 5 years old!!!

Features :

The LED watch is usually in sleep state (black screen), need to press the button to see the time, restore sleep state for a few seconds of light.

How to set the watch time?

Button operation: press the button, the time is displayed, then hold the button for more than 3 seconds until the time changes, then release your hand and press the button one by one until until you get your local time correct. You can use the same way to press the button again and don't move until you receive the minute change then lose it, press the button one by one to get the correct minute, you can do the same to get the correct date and the correct month.

【Watch box not included】

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